Who Walks The Narrow Path?

Who Walks the Narrow Path? The Brave!

 “Bravery isn’t not being afraid. Bravery is being afraid but doing it anyway”. I’m sure I’m quoting (perhaps paraphrasing) someone, possibly John Wayne – sounds like something he would say, doesn’t it? Anyway, I feel there is some truth in this adage.

Generally speaking we have worked hard to understand ‘biblical truth’ in this short life. Even if it appears that we ‘stumbled’, by accident, across spiritual truth, we were probably searching for it, for some time, perhaps a lifetime. The bible indicates there are two paths before us; we may take only one. I believe because we were pursuing truth the Father showed us that narrow path that leads from that ‘strait gate’ (means narrow) mentioned in Matthew 7:13-14. Perhaps, even, one might give thought that, this is in part, the ‘old path’ that is the ‘good way’ that will give us rest for our souls (Jeremiah 6:16). Let me also mention Proverbs 4:26; “Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established”. The other path option is going through the wide gate that leads to destruction – this is the path that most everyone in the world is on.

So here we are – our spiritual eyes have been opened, we clearly see the path before us, we are excited by the truth. However, the real ‘bravery’ comes into play when we ask ourselves ‘will we walk the path’? Or, will we stand back and look at the path and feel pleased with ourselves for just finding it? Is our journey in ‘seeking’ the truth completed when we find that narrow gate? This is a question only we, as individuals, can answer – To thine own self be true. Again, we now know the truth but is there more to it than just knowing it? – Am I off base with this question? It seems to me that there are two basic mistakes individuals (who know the truth) can make concerning the path of truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

Truth will always be truth, irrespective of lack of understanding, skepticism or unawareness. If the Father has brushed the scales from our spiritual eyes and has unplugged our spiritual ears, we are most blessed of all mankind. The question that must be asked; will we / can we be happy just looking at the path? Do we think in our heart of hearts this is what the Father wants? We can read in Matthew 25 about 10 individuals; 5 were wise and 5 were foolish. What each of us decides to do may have a profound impact on our personal future. Making changes in our lives, so that we can walk that path, can be initially overwhelming and at times can be outright scary. This is where I say again “Bravery isn’t not being afraid. Bravery is being afraid but doing it anyway” – but, in our case, we have the comfort of knowing that the Father is giving us strength, understanding, wisdom, and love to complete the journey – thus being fearful/scared will disappear in a very short time. Remember; The Father is perfect in all His ways. He has a perfect plan. We need to trust the plan.

We know walking through the Narrow Gate leads to the ‘path’ that will have mountains to climb and valleys to cross, as well as sharp curves and storms to deal with but we know at journey’s end we’ll be ‘home’ again. Our ‘good times’ are ahead of us not behind us. Won’t it be wonderful to hear our Father say to each of us “well done, welcome back home”?