Spiritual Fruit, Not Religious Nuts

The Father Wants Spiritual Fruit, Not Religious Nuts

I’ve heard the expression ‘wise men talk because they have something to say, fools talk because they have to say something’. Another expression I have heard is ‘never argue with an idiot they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you through experience’. I’m reasonably certain you have either heard or experienced one or both of these expressions. Perhaps you have heard ‘never wrestle with a pig- you both get dirty but the pig likes it’. I’m not saying these things to belittle anyone or to make fun of them.

The world is falling apart before our very eyes. Hopefully we are just days away from our time of repentance. But just in case the Father decides to ‘tarry’ and we have more time here on earth I wanted to revisit a subject that I discussed several months ago. I have talked with several individuals recently that still struggle with a response when challenged by ‘religious’ family, friends, or strangers. As we go forward (whatever the time frame) we could be increasingly challenged about our beliefs. We need to always be ready with a confident response to ‘religious’ provocation.

In one or two of my more recent blogs I eluted to well-meaning individuals approaching me, usually in public, wanting to know if I know Jesus. And usually before I could answer they would make another statement such as ‘did I know Jesus died for me’? After they make about two – three uninterrupted comments I would then say something to the effect “thank you, however, while I no longer consider myself a Christian I can assure you that I have an excellent relationship with God – I continually seek His will in my life and I feel He directs my path daily – I’ve never been happier with my spiritual life”. Usually when I say something similar to this people aren’t sure how to respond. A ‘nice religious person’ would understand that I’m happy with my personal beliefs and then move on to the next unsuspecting person. However most of us have probably run into the ‘religious nut’ at one time or another (sometimes this may even be a family member). You know this person; he (or she) just continues to not take what you say as an answer; he may even get angry and shout at you; he can’t understand how you could be so stupid and he be so smart; he may even try to belittle you (I can almost guarantee you he will). Have you met this person? From talking with some of you I know I’m not the only person that has run into these individuals. It’s not a pleasant experience.

I can remember that when I just started understanding the truth (about 4 years ago) it was kind of like a switch being flipped on in my brain. All of a sudden I started thinking differently, especially about religion and the different religious beliefs that I held to be true. Somehow, in my mind, I had proved lies to be truth. Of course, my first ‘religious’ teachers were family members, then ‘the church’, and then a bible college, and I don’t want to forget the well-meaning friends. With all these well-intentioned individuals and groups in my life how in the world could I have been so deceived? Well, I was deceived- just like you. We have all been deceived and have been living in a delusional belief system our whole life – that is until recently. I believe one of the hardest things to learn in life is ‘which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn’. When we understand the lies of the scribes and the illusions that false religious beliefs promote, and have determined in our hearts and minds to follow the Father, we must burn the old bridge and cross the new one. To quote a well-known speaker and author “When the Creator’s truth shatters your doctrines, will you still cling to the shards?” This has always been my favorite quotes (as you know, I use it often). I think of this statement every time someone questions my new understanding of the Creator’s truth.

I’m embarrassed to say, at times, I have been guilty of being ‘wishy washy’ about speaking up about my current new beliefs. In the future, when I am challenged by a ‘nice religious person’ or a ‘religious nut’ I’m determined not to placate these folks but be very upfront and honest with them about my personal relationship with the Father and the truth. And I am resolute that I will no longer be complacent nor take the lies they speak. Fortunately I don’t run into these people very often – and this is probably why I’m caught off guard at times, but no more! I’m going to wear my armor of truth and always be prepared with an answer.

How did your immediate family react to your accepting the truth about the Father and His way? How about friends? How about a spouse? Have you had any run-ins with individuals who were very exuberant in their religious beliefs and attempted to sway you back to the ‘dark side’? People who want to share their religious views with you, almost never want you to share yours with them. Remember my essay “I Don’t Want to Argue, I Just Want to Show You Where You’re Wrong”? This is generally the ‘religious’ person’s approach.

Now is the time to get mentally/spiritually/prayerfully prepared for what the near future holds for us. We need not hide the truth. We do need to be able to present the truth when challenged. These are my thoughts – what’s yours?

Allow me to give you another favorite quote of mine: To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. – Elbert Hubbard

Brain twister alert, just for fun. Can you read the following?

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