“No” Is Not a Rejection

God’s “No” is Not a Rejection, It’s a Redirection

Remember the old Garth Brooks song “I Thank God for Unanswered Prayers”? Yes, I know I’m dating myself, again. Some of you are probably saying ‘who’s Garth Brooks’? Well, he was a popular Country Western singer in America mainly during the mid-1980’s through most of the 1990’s. In this song he told a story about how ‘god’ didn’t answer his prayer, and he knew this to be the case, because he didn’t get the ‘girl’ he wanted. Later on in life he was thanking ‘god’ for not answering his prayer because he met another girl that he fell in love with and married.

Perhaps there’s a lesson here for us. I personally think that our Father hears all of our prayers if they are prayed in the right attitude. However we need to recognize that our Father is not like a genie in a bottle. A genie we can command, with our Father we request. And sometimes that request may be refused – in other words God says “no”. Has the Father ever told you “no”? Well, He has told me “no” many times and sometimes I would even get upset with Him (but not for long) – I’m sure thankful He has had patience with me. I finally woke up to the fact that when He tells me “no” or when He corrects me (regarding something senseless) I did, He is doing so as a loving Father. I don’t profess to know every step the Father wants me to take down this narrow path, but He does. So, when I misstep (and I do), I now pray that the Father brings it to my attention – and He does; sometimes very gently and gradually and sometimes not so gently (OK, sometimes I need a good swift kick to the pants, and being the loving Father, that He is, He gives it to me – ouch!). Now, when the Father tells me “no” (and He does) I see it as a redirection, and look to Him for an alternative for what I was asking. It’s taken me a long time to realize how the Father works with me. It’s become easier over the past few years. It’s like I’m actually seeing and hearing clearly for the first time in my life. It wasn’t until I was able to put the shards of shattered religious doctrines behind me that I was able to see more clearly the Father’s plan for me. Yes, I feel that all of us (Truth Seekers) are in the Father’s hands and He will protect us along this narrow path we follow. However, this doesn’t mean He will grant all our requests. Remember, God’s “No” is not rejection, it’s a redirection. Any of this hit home with you. If so, let me know.