I’m Not Arguing, You’re Wrong

I’m Not Arguing, I’m Just Telling You Why You’re Wrong

I’m usually pretty careful about who I talk to about the “truth”.  Anymore, I generally don’t bring up any subject related to religion or what I believe about the bible. However, if I’m asked a specific bible or religious question, I will answer the question (at least to the best of my limited ability). I don’t know about your experiences with ‘religious folks’ (especially Christians) but my experiences haven’t been overly positive. I usually answer their question, and since my answer doesn’t fit their narrative on the subject they proceed to tell me what they believe. I haven’t yet found a good polite way of saying ‘I honestly don’t care what you believe because whatever it is, is wrong’. Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way but I don’t think so. Anyway, after they tell me their ‘righteous’ point of view (alright, I’m being a bit sarcastic – maybe), about the question they had for me, they watch and listen for my reaction. And if I have no reaction, wouldn’t you know it, they restate their point of view, again. Remember, they asked me the question, I asked nothing of them. Then, they ask what I thought about their response (you know, the one I didn’t ask for). Usually I say that I can appreciate what they are saying but I believe differently and I’m comfortable with what I believe. One would hope that would end the vexing ‘religious’ exchange and they would move on to the perceived next gullible person. But no, the next statement is ‘we don’t want to argue, we just want to show you why you’re wrong’. Of course, I’m thinking to myself, really, what’s wrong with these people? —– I’m trying to be nice because it wasn’t that long ago I might have been doing exactly the same; you know, shoving my Christian interpretations and opinions down someone’s throat whether or not they wanted to hear it. Wow, what a complete transformation I have made in my thinking, about ‘what is truth’ and how to present it.

Anyway, now, for the most part, when I’ve heard enough of their ‘message’ that I didn’t ask for and really didn’t want to hear, much less argue about, I just say “thank you but I think we will just have to agree to disagree” and then I either leave or change the subject. Maybe you have a better way of handling these situations. If so, I sure would like to hear it. I’m all ears.