If We’re Sitting on the Bubble

Beware; If We’re Sitting on the Bubble, It’s About to Burst!

How many of us have read the following: “When the Creator’s truth shatters your doctrines, will you still cling to the shards?” I have this printed out, in large letters, hanging above my computer.

I know, we all hail from different backgrounds and even different parts of the world. I was raised in ‘Middle America,’ also known as the ‘Bible Belt’. From a very early age until just a few years ago I was taught (the bible), day in and day out, by my parents and grand-parents, religious leaders, close friends, – and I really thought, at that time, ‘God The Father’. Is there anyone else here who has had this type of background? – My guess is ‘yes’! Those of us who have had this type of background or something similar can appreciate the initial struggles new individuals just coming into ‘God’s Truth’ must have.

Remember the time(s), when we were ‘sincere’ {fervently seeking} and asking for the ‘truth’ from the Father? – Did we think He wasn’t going to give it to us? If we had any previous understanding of the Bible we were told – to always ‘count the cost’. Well, here we are, we asked for the truth, it was given to us, so what do we do with it now? Remember, we cannot serve two masters {you bible thumpers know what I mean}. Hopefully, none of us are trying to hold on to the lies and fables we were taught in the past. If we are sitting on that ‘proverbial bubble’ – where we have one foot in the past {false religious beliefs} and one foot in the ‘truth’, beware, this bubble is about to burst – and when this happens where will we land? I think we all know the answer.

However, my prayer is ‘we all land in the Father’s hands’ so we can get back home {to our first estate}. That being said there are certain things we must do after the ‘truth’ has been revealed to us so we can be a part of that time of the ‘harvest’. I will focus only on ‘one’ point, you probably guessed it; ‘are we clinging to the shards’ of past doctrines that have been shattered by the Father? I certainly hope this is not the case. I know how difficult it can be to have family, friends, co-workers, the church, and others, turn their back on you, and even ridicule you, when you truly decide to Follow the Father on that ‘narrow path’. He never said it would be easy. In fact He indicates that there would be sorrow and trials but He also tells us to ‘be of good cheer’ because He is with us and He will not forget us when it’s time to go home. Thus, we will not be in this hell forever. But until it’s time to return ‘home’ we must continually seek the Father and His Way, and hopefully have a good attitude and ultimately be that ‘light to the world,’ setting that good example to those around us.

We know, in the end, whenever it is, those of us who let go of the ‘shards of our past false religious beliefs’ and fully embrace the ‘truth’ and work fervently to stay on that narrow path {even though none of us are perfect} the Father will protect us and come for us – and isn’t this what it’s all about?